Our Wines.

We come from two famous wine territories – South Australia and the South Island, New Zealand

We have a combined winemaking experience that extends around the world

We have come home to make wines that we want to drink and share


Our Growers.

Without our growers, the would be no Scout Wines. We search high and low to find our growers, their varieties and clones suit their sites and are committed to growing premium grapes. We honour them by letting the grapes do the talking.


Our labels and Artist.

Michele Lane is a visual artist based in Adelaide and Kangaroo Island. She works across printmaking and installation art, exploring the rich but conflicted interface between humanity and its planet. Her artwork shifts between large format, highly detailed etchings of landscape and delicate renderings of ‘small nature’ in the refined manner of still life. She is also Greg’s mum and allowed us all access to her amazing prints for use on our labels.